The Alfort Veterinary School during the Second World War

by Angélique Ente, Docteur Vétérinaire, Adel :

Communication présentée le 24 mai 2008

This article describes the life in Alfort Veterinary School from the declaration of war in 1939 until the armistice in 1945. Details are given on the different stages of this period: preparation for the war, mobilization of the teachers, closing of the School, teaching during the German occupation, some original tricks to address daily life issues, passive defense, “STO” (mandatory work service) for the students, resistance to the occupants and the human consequences of these five years of war. Several unpublished photographs are included i n this article, which is based on historical papers but above all on direct interview with about 50 veterinarians who lived in Alfort Veterinary School during the war.

Bull.Soc.Hist.Méd.Sci.Vét., 2008, 8 :73-88