The French Société Centrale Vétérinaire during the First World War: influence of the conflict on a scientific veterinary society

By Claude Milhaud, Vétérinaire Biologiste Général Inspecteur (2es.), Adel :

A review of the French Société Centrale Vétérinaire (SCMV) Bulletin from 1912 to 1920 indicates that the scientific activities of this Society were diminished during this period, as the number of papers on the veterinary care of horses increased. Throughout the conflict the SCMV administration was minimal, with the same “Bureau” and no new members. Even if the SCMV was sensitive to the patriotic atmosphere of that time, its publications kept a large part of the restraint that has to be expected from a scientific society.

Bull.Soc.Hist.Méd.Sci.Vét., 2008, 8 : 13-31