An agrarian law in Byzantium in the 8th century

By René Lucien Seynave, Docteur vétérinaire, Adel : Communication présentée le 24 mai 2008

After a review of the Byzantine Empire history, this article comments on some of the 85 articles of an agrarian law dating possibly from the first part of the 8th century, under the rule of the Emperor Leo III. The articles dealing with economic and social regulations (land bounds, disputes between land owners, weights and measures…) and with animals (role, importance, predators, thefts…) are analysed and discussed, as well as the sanctions applied (compensation, whipping, mutilations, burning etc.) where the regulations are breached.

Bull.Soc.Hist.Méd.Sci.Vét., 2008, 8 : 58-68