Alfort national veterinary school collections : historical review, present status and perspectives

par Christophe Degueurce, Conservateur du Musée Fragonard, Ecole Nationale Vétérinaire d’Alfort, Adel.

Content: History of the creation and development of the “Musée Fragonard”, which assembles the collections of the Alfort veterinary school, established in 1765. This museum follows on the “Cabinet du Roi” (1766-1828), and the “Cabinet des Collections” (1828-1901). Inventory and present status of the collections, realised through a computerised data base. Evaluation of the losses undergone by the collection during the 20th century, and qualitative and quantitative description of the objects and documents still available in the museum, which was listed as a “Musée de France” in 2006.éd.sci.vét., 2006, 6 : 3-24