About the rinderpest in Oise during the war 1870-1871

Olivier BERGER, with Jean-Pierre BESSE (†)
Historien diplômé de Paris-Sorbonne
28 Résidence La Vallée 91120 Palaiseau

The epizootic plague that affected France with the Prussian invasion in 1870 is studied in the Oise county. A first chart counts the dead and slaughtered animals, and their value per town. A second chart tells the losses per village between 1870 and 1872. Oise represented 3% of the national losses. The crisis, conscientiously handled by the occupier, will pass after the armistice under French management. Generally well controlled, contagion went on only because of violation of health instructions.

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Ref. : Bull.soc.fr.hist.méd.sci.vét., 2015, 15 : 19-34